The Wine Businessclass

Die STIELGRUPPE – The Wine Businessclass offers companies and individuals the opportunity to play the theme of wine in the most diverse forms and facets in order to:

  • Bind customers
  • Underline the company’s competence and quality standards
  • Strengthen the team spirit and motivation of your employees
  • To stand out from the competition with unique events
  • To set the scene for family celebrations


  • Tailor-made wine tastings, adapted to individual needs
  • Analogue or digital
  • In all price ranges
  • With food accompaniment or Wine-Only
  • Sommeliers, experts and chefs who are among the best in their profession
  • All events multilingual on request (German, English, French, Dutch and Portuguese)


Together with the best sommeliers and experts, we design tailor-made wine events from the basics to tastings of rarities.
We shape the wine selection and the professional level to suit the event, corporate identity, request and occasion. Our team of experts is your experienced partner for the planning, logistics and complete implementation of your wine event.

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„Wine is an integral part of our culture and society – it stands for conviviality, fascination and enjoyment. Wine is not just a drink, but a philosophy and expression of an attitude to life.”

Werner von Moltke



  • An innovative communication channel for your customer relations.
  • The icebreaker for your kick-off events
  • Uniting team events
  • The highlight for your private celebrations

The online wine tastings of the STIELGRUPPE – The Wine Businessclass offer individual top-class wine experiences. With our know-how we design tailor-made online events in all price ranges – from the basics to rarity tastings. On special request and as a highlight, we organise corresponding menus and extras. Shared wine experiences bring people together in a relaxed atmosphere. Wine becomes a figurehead and unites customers, teams, friends and families in a stylish, innovative and sustainable way.


  • We create the concept for an all-in-one successful event.
  • We design the wine and food selection to match the concept, corporate philosophy and occasion. From biodynamic to new world and from classic to experimental.
  • We have the right expert for every topic.
  • We adapt the professional wine level to your participants.
  • We also organise the logistics and the right transport conditions internationally.


  • Motivating team-building sessions in the vineyards
  • Trendy staff evenings at special locations
  • Extraordinary food-pairing events for gourmets
  • Tasting of selected wine jewels for groups & connoisseurs
  • Interactive company events for every taste
  • Individual wine tastings at exclusive locations
Incentives don’t just involve a special company event or anniversary. With a wine evening within the company or at an impressive location, you address not only employees but also important partners. Exclusive wine tastings enhance special occasions or refine an important business lunch. The experts at STIELGRUPPE – The Wine Businessclass organise anything from personal wine tastings, innovative tastings of wine jewels up to interactive wine quizzes – whatever the vinophile heart desires.


  • We tailor the wine offer individually, depending on the target group, budget or occasion.
  • We optimise the purchasing for your event.
  • We pay attention to a culturally sensitive choice of drinks – from vegan to non-alcoholic.
  • We handle the logistics, attend to correct transport conditions and make arrangements with your caterer.
  • We enrich the events with creative add-ons: videos, quizzes, surveys, polls and much more…


  • Internationale trade shows
  • National trade fairs
  • Kundenveranstaltungen
  • Customer Events
Live events are key marketing tools and serve as a flagship for companies. Surprise your customers, stakeholders and partners with a selected wine assortment that matches your company’s image. As a “global player”, you underline the orientation and competence of your company with the right wine selection. Fascinate your customers and win them over at the same time with a fitting and perfectly organised get-together. The STIELGRUPPE – The Wine Businessclass creates the wine list according to your requirements. Whether “Made in Germany” or “From Burgundy to Cape Town” – we design every motto in a high-quality and creative way. The informal “all-round package” becomes a figurehead that reflects the competence and CI of your company.


  • Out of your wishes and ideas, our experts develop the perfect wine concept, tailor-made for every budget.
  • In addition to the professional wine & beverage selection, we also create of the textual design.
  • A culturally sensitive selection of drinks – from vegan to non-alcoholic – is a given.
  • We optimise the purchasing for the event.
  • We ensure flawless logistics and correct transport conditions.
  • We take care of arrangements and coordination with all trades involved in the event.


Today, an individual and expressive wine list is part of an unforgettable restaurant experience. Behind the scenes, there is much more involved to create a professional wine and beverage selection:

  • The textual design
  • A selection tailored to the individual style of cuisine
  • A selection that is tailored to the customer and the concept
  • Sustainable advice on wine and food pairings
  • Eine kultursensible Getränkeauswahl – von Vegan bis alkoholfrei
  • A culturally sensitive beverage selection – from vegan to non-alcoholic
  • A creative anti-alcoholic offer for guests who cannot drink wine or beer for various reasons

The team of experts at STIELGRUPPE – The Wine Businessclass will be happy to advise you and provide you with tailor-made solutions using our complete wine expertise.



  • We design and calculate your wine list professionally
  • We carry out an economic planning of your wine cellar
  • We train your staff for the sensitive sale of wine
  • We optimise your purchasing, because an optimal selection of beverages is also particularly important from a business point of view.


Wine has a character, an essence, a history. The first impression counts!


You feel insecure when selecting a wine and would like to have your say at the next business dinner, or even surprise your boss with insider knowledge? Are you interested in knowing where the “pitfalls” lie? As a company you would like to support and develop your managers? Would you like to modernise and develop yourself independently of your wine supplier?


A wine competence increases the satisfaction of your customers and guests and puts your employees in a professional light.

The experts of the Stielgruppe offer sales training for you and your staff and make you capable of talking about wine. Simple but good, fresh and different as well as noble and timeless.


  • Our extensive experience in selecting wines guarantees sustainable solutions.
  • Almost 50% of restaurant guests desire support in choosing a good wine – We provide an important know-how for the orientation and ensuring the wine etiquette within your team.


Are you planning to stock your wine cellar individually or expand your personal wine collection? You want to be a good host and keep the widest possible range of selected wines for your guests and yourself?

A customised wine cellar is defined by different types of wine, qualities, ageing potentials, maturation and drinking times.

Our experts determine your needs, wishes and ideas and stock your wine cellar for the present and the future.



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• A ancient wine cellar – more than 400 years old
• Breathtaking panorama trains
• Tables in the middle of fragrant herbs in nurseries
• Selected & nostalgic back rooms
• Kitchen Insights
The locations of the STIELGRUPPE – The Wine Businessclass are exceptional and special. From the enjoyment of sensational star menus in the midst of fragrant herbs and terraced vegetable beds to tastings in panoramic trains and food pairing events in the kitchens of trendy restaurants to a wine quiz in a traditional 400-year-old wine cellar. We have the perfect venue to suit your small group or larger corporate events as well as family and friend gatherings. Our experts will advise you on your choice, take care of the organisation and look after your wishes. Competent, flexible and down-to-earth.